Consumption Ep. 003 - Crunchy Breakfast 


Went with TM to meet up with Mark Houston at Harvard and Stone before going to Milk Studios for a group photography show. Our Uber took the wrong streets again. Mark showed up with a new mustache which I thought was great because now I could finally tell him apart from Jonnie. We then drove to Milk Studios in Mark's Tesla. I took pictures of some people I knew there - Greg Brown didn't know he was part of the show. Then we went to Madame Siam where we finished the night. 

Photographed: Kendall Bernota, Tyler-Marie Evans, Greg Brown, John Koglikowszki, Mark Houston, Willie Maldonado, Cece Paige, Mateo Sadowski, Kevin Hayeland, Alexandra Stellwood, Skye Peters.

Kendall Bernota, Tyler-Marie Evans by Ty Joseph
Greg Brown by Ty Joseph

John Koglikowszki by Ty Joseph Mark Houston, Willie Maldonado by Ty Joseph
Cece Paige, Mateo Sadowski by Ty Joseph
Kevin Hayeland, Alexandra Stellwood
Mark Houston, Skye Peters

Party at Christopher Gartin's.

Pictured: Tyler-Marie Evans, Orian Williams, Heather Graham, Sam Talbot, Amanda Lunt, Kevin Hayeland, Giuliano Bekor, Christopher Gartin, and Claudine Book.

Tyler-Marie Evans, Orian Williams, Heather Graham, and Sam Talbot
Amanda Lunt and Kevin Hayeland Giuliano Bekor
Christopher Gartin and Claudine Book Heather Graham and Christopher Gartin

The Roosevelt with Sandy Leddin, Petite Meller, Ivy Levan, Janaina Devieira, Otep, Lexi Stellwood, and Ashley Smith.

Sandy Leddin and Petite Miller Ivy Levan and Janain Adevieira
Otep Lexi Stellwood
Ashley Smith

LA Fashion Week

Pictured: Daniel Dae Kim, Tristan Watson, Ray Diaz, and Angelica Salek

Daniel Dae KimLA Fashion WeekLA Fashion WeekTristan Watson Ray Diaz and Angelica Salek

Went with Kendall and Tyler-Marie to Raspoutine for Los Angela's Birthday. Pictured: Olga Cerpita, Janaina Devieira, Gary Baseman, Tyler-Marie Evans, Heather Burton, Farah Shea, Lisa-Marie Pascuccio, Indi Barton, Ellen von Unwerth, and Los Angela.

Olga Cerpita Janaina DevieiraGary Baseman Tyler-Marie Evans, Ty JosephFarah Shea Lisa-Marie PascuccioIndi Barton and Ellen von Unwerth Ty Joseph and Los Angela

Raspoutine in West Hollywood with Nikhil Ra, Ricky Amadour, Tyler-Marie Evans, Kendall Bernota, Gabriella Maiden, Patriarchy, Kenzie Harr, and performance by Los Angela.

Nikhil Ra and Ricky Amadour Tyler-Marie Evans and Kendall Bernota

Gabrielle Maiden, Ricky Amadour, and Patriarchy Tyler-Marie Evans and Ty Joseph

Kenzie Harr Los Angela

Kendall Bernota and Tyler-Marie Evans at Homme Gallery.

Kendall Bernota and Tyler-Marie Evans

AC Gallery with Raphael Funga, Karen Bystedt, Carlos Benitez, and Olga Cerpita.

Raphael Funga and Karent Bystedt

Olga Cerpita Olga Cerpita

With Julia Conley at David Hockney's opening at LA Louver.


Went with Olga Cerpita to Raspoutine in West Hollywood. Photographed: Israeli Actor Oshri Cohen and fellow DJ's, Jonnie Houston, Jason Chang, Mary Rose Stickley, Jack Yang.

Israeli Actor Oshri Cohen 
Jonnie Houston, Jason Chang, Mary Rose Stickley, Jack Yang

With Karen Bystedt at her loft in Downtown LA.
Ty Joseph and Karen Bystedt

Lyndsie Earle and Heather Burton

Lyndsie Earle

Heather Burton

Kendall Bernota and Olga Cerpita

Kendall Bernota and Olga Cerpita

Photo LA with Myles Hendrik and Olga Cerpita at Photo LA. Justin Murdock and Julia Dunstall at Doheny Room

Myles Hendrik

Olga CerpitaMyles Hendrik

Justin Murdock and Jula Dunstall