"At some point you come to realize that biographies are very subjective. I would want my biography to be the first letter of my birth city - which is H, and the first letter of my adoptive city, which is L. There is much one can paint just from that."



2021 - The Beverly Center, Social Connecting, Solo Show

2019 - Maya Angelou Mural Festival, Photography Exhibition, Group 

2018- Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts, The Meaning of L, Solo Show


Art Fairs:

2019 - Scope Miami, represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA, Group Show

2019 - Santa Fe Art Fair, represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA, Group Show

2018 - Scope Miami, represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA, Group Show


Press & Publications:

Average Socialite: Social Connecting

LA Weekly: The Birth of Ty Joseph

Downtown Art Walk: Spotlight: Ty Joseph

LA This Week: "The Meaning of L"


Ty Joseph is a Los Angeles based artist and photographer. He began painting and documenting his experiences in LA in 2017, a decade after his first arrival in the city. His work has been featured in a number of group shows, art fairs, a solo show in 2018 titled The Meaning of L, and another solo show in 2021 called Social Connecting. Another show (which Ty is considering a group show, labeled the Deitch Bomb Show) is when in September 2019 a crew parked a 30-foot truck in front of Jeffrey Deitch Gallery in Los Angeles displaying Ty's paintings during an opening for Judy Chicago.  

Ty was born Tal Ezra Joseph in Hamburg, Germany and grew up in Kfar Saba, Israel. After Ty completed his military service he moved to the United States to realize his artistic endeavors. Following a period in which he toured as a musician settling in Chicago, Ty eventually returned to LA and immersed himself in the LA social scene. Concurrently he completed his education and established a career path in real estate, which eventually gave way to his calling in art. His paintings, accompanied by bold elements influenced by pop art, are what he defines as “a journey into the artist’s identity with nothing but eyes, and sometimes a walking cane.” His latest show in 2021, Social Connecting, encompassed Ty’s oeuvre, showcasing a significant amount of his work between the years 2017 to 2020 in a multimedia realm. 

Ty on his artwork:

“I like to think that my artwork comes out of nowhere or nothing, because this would make it very pure. But I know it's not. It's not that I think about what I do too much, but it's more about what I discover later. In the beginning when people started to ask me about the meaning of my L's, I didn't know what to say. I thought they came out of nowhere. But now I say that they stand for 'Los Angeles', or they stand for 'elegance', or they are the missing syllable from my name when I changed it to Ty. But when it comes to my art as a whole, portraying elegance is very important to me because no one else seems to care about elegance anymore – especially in art.”

Ty on LA:

“I fell in love with Los Angeles at first sight, and we're still together to this very day. People say it's hard to keep a relationship in LA. But LA is the relationship, and it's just sometimes hard to keep people". Ty found inspiration in LA’s multifaceted sceneries, and often explores the city’s social spectacles. "The parties in LA have a purpose. They make little people feel bigger and bigger people feel like stars. And then stars get to feel little again, if they want to.”