Went to dinner at Boa with Cherish since they offered her and her group a comp dinner to promote their new Jazz Night. We then went to my place to refresh, and I randomly discovered that two of my paintings complete each other. I was then convinced to go to Doheny Room, which was great, because it was Cameron Kippsten's birthday celebration and which meant that many nightlife veterans were there and the party was really happening. Photographed: Cherish Waters, Cheyenne Gordon, Logan Jackson, Cameron Kippsten, Valerija Sestic, Sierra Plowden, Rush Zimmerman, Alana Greszata, Austin Visschedyk.

Ty Joseph, Cherish Waters, Cheyenne Gordon, Logan JacksonTy JosephCameron Kippsten, Valerija Sestic Sierra PlowdenDoheny Room, Alana Greszata, Cameron KippstenValerja Sestic, Rush Zimmerman Austin Visschedyk

Click the link to watch the movie Ice Cream

At Borns' event at Bungalow 1 at Chateau Marmont. Photographed: Cameron Postforoosh, Odessa Nikolic, Borns, Mateo Sadowski, Payton Morse, John Kolic, Ema McKie, 

Cameron Postforoosh, Odessa Nikolic BornsMateo Sadowski, Payton Morse John Kolic, Ema McKieCharan Andreas

At the opening of Jonathan Simkhai's flagship store in West Hollywood and Madame Siam with April Karras, Caroline Vreeland, Lexi Rose, Ema McKie, John Kolic, Julia Dunstall, River Johnson and Stevie DeFelice. 

April Karras, Jonathan Simkhai Caroline VreelandLexi Wood John Kolic, Ema McKieJulia DunstallJulia Dunstall, Jonathan Simkhai River JohnsonStevie DeFelice

 A Sunday at Dominic Howard's (Muse) backyard with Emily Whittemore, Chris and Coco Cester (Jet), Stephanie Pearson, Julia Dunstall, Kendall Bernota, Sean Payne, Chelsea Gehr and others.

Ty Joseph and Emily WhittemoreDominic Howard, Stephanie Pearson, Chris Cester, Anthoney Deane, Chelsea Gehr, Sean Payne, Kendall BernotaJulia Dunstall and Kendall Bernota Coco Cester, Julia Dunstall, Stephanie Pearson, Chelsea GehrChris Chester and daughter Coco Chester Chris Chester and Stephanie Pearson

Ended up in Break Room 86.  Photographed: Kiersten Dolbec, Michael Jackson (the one from Hollywood Blvd.), Johnny Houston, Levi Stocke, Brielle Gearson, Sean Redman, Selly Mac.

Kiesten Dolbec, Michael Jackson, Johnny Houston, Levi Stocke Brielle Gearson Sean Redman, Selly Mac

Guy Bourdin photography opening at Milk Studios in Los Angeles and Flaunt Magazine Party at Madame Siam. Photographed: Anthony Deane, Anzhela Vinnika, Mayane Mandelbaum, Max Sharp, Donny Galarza. 

Ty Joseph and Anthony Deane at Milk Studios Ty Joseph, Anzhela Vinnika Mayane MandelbaumMax Sharp, Olga Cerpita, Donny Galarza, Mayane Mandelbaum

Yacht day. Photographed: Marissa Hodges, Victorino Noval, Marina Del Rey, Cherish Waters.

Ty Joseph Marissa HodgesNewport Victorino NovalCherish Waters

Mark and Johnny's birthday bash at the horse races at Santa Anita Park. Photographed: Nikhil Ra, Johnny Houston, Los Angela, Ellen Von Unwerth, Mark Houston, Kiersten Dolbec, Levi Stocke, Greg Brown, Sahar Athari, Elle Evans.


Houston Brothers, Sahar Athari Kiersten DolbecGreg Brown, Levi Stocke Ellen Von Unwerth, Los Angela Los Angela, Nikhil Elle Evans, Matt BellamyNikhil Ra, Johnny Houston, Los Angela, Ellen Von Unwerth, Mark Houston

Showed some works at the Chocolate and Art show in Downtown LA. Photographed: Dagmara Nowak, Kendall Bernota, Olga Cerpita. 

Dagmara Nowark, Ty Joseph Art Kendall Bernota, Ty Joseph ArtOlga Cerpita, Ty Joseph Dagmara Nowak, Ty Joseph Art

Opening at Hauser & Wirth and Swedish Midsummer party at the Highlight Room. Photographed - Paul Mccarthy, Joseph Dushey, Olga Cerpita, Alona Korzun.

Paul McCarthy Joseph DusheyOlga Cerpita Alona Korzun

Mark Houston invited Julia and I to join his family at Diana Ross' concert Hollywood Bowl. Diana was great, performing all her best songs except for her most known song, I'm Coming Out. We went with the Houstons to Madame Siam, watching the illusionist sideshow for which the bar is known. I met one of the featured dancers Emily, who I thought a very talented entertainer. We finished the night with Break Room 86.

Diana Ross at Hollywood BowlMark, Johnny and Shaina Houston at Hollywood Bowl, Diana Ross.

Rayana Ragan and MotherJulia Dunstall and Mark Houston Tyler-Marie Evans at Madame Siam
Kendall Bernota at Madame Siam Ty Joseph with entertainer Natalie at Madame Siam

Went to the Galore Magazine event at Mouche Gallery with Julia. The theme of the event was early 2000's - even though it seemed that we were the only ones who bothered to dress for the occasion. But then I wasn't even getting my outfit right. I looked more like a 1980's Lacoste advertisement. I should have watched an episode of Friends before trying out things to wear. I met a photographer, Norbert Baeres, who spoke with me for about an hour (maybe not an hour, but it was right when we got there and all I wanted to do is see who else is there). He took some pictures of me and Julia and was the first of the evening to refer to me as 'Andy Warhol' (but not the last). I don't usually mind when people make that connection, it is just a reminder that I have big shoes to fill. We spoke with some other girls that are all signed with Hollywood Model Management; Olga, Alona, Kamilla, Noemie. I ran into Brendon Melton, too. I was unaware that he was affiliated with the gallery until last night. After the show, we went to the Galore after-party at Madame Siam which was packed. Julia excitedly spotted Jeremy Renner, who I recognized but whose name I couldn't seem to recall or anything he's been in.

Photographed: Noemie Gaidies, Kamilla Halasz, Alona Korzun, Olga Cerpita, Brandon Lee Melton, Maddie McDonough, Julia Dunstall, Bobi Andonov, Savannah Hudson, Morgan Jensen.


Neomie Gaidies, Kamilla Halasz, Alona Korzun, Olga Cerpita, Ty Joseph
Brabdon Lee Melton, Maddie Mcdonough, Ty Joseph Ty Joseph, Julia Dunstall, Raquel Welsh, Terry O'Neil
Bobi Andonov, Savannah Hudson, Morgan Jensen, Ty Joseph

Yesterday Julia suggested that we go to the Melrose flea market, and I agreed. Julia needed new old jeans, and needed new old shoes. I told Morgan Jensen about it, and she also agreed. She needed birthday presents. I took Sunset with us and we met Morgan at the Market. Neither of them had any cash, so every time they had gotten something I paid and we added up the sum. Julia and Morgan bought all kinds of patches, then Morgan bought a vintage red floppy hat. Or was it a cowboy hat? I didn't find shoes, but I found a pair of sunglasses that I thought looked more modern than my current ones but still retro enough to be considered 1960's. After the market we went to Paramount Coffee Project, an Australian Cafe, for lunch. This time it was the girls' time to pay the bill. I had a slow cooked lamb sandwich with dandelion - which I pronounced dandi-leeeon and it became the subject of a 10-minute conversation. At lunch a friend of Julia's, Paris, joined us and then Morgan left, and we all left and I left and Julia and Paris went back to the market to see if she can still find a pair of jeans. I went home to drop off Sunset and then went to SkyBar at the Mondrian Hotel for Julifer Day's birthday day-party. I didn't know anyone there except for Claire Felske but the table we were seated (or standing around) at had a vast amount of bottles coming, so that was comforting enough, especially since I had to battle with the worst music I heard in decades.

Photographed: Morgan Jensen, Julia Dunstall and Julifer Day.

Morgan Jensen and Julia Dunstall at Melrose Flea MarketTy Joseph and Morgan Jensen at the Melrose Flee Market
Julifer Day birthday at SkyBar at the Mondrian Hotel

I get "blamed" for taking pictures of beautiful women. Everyone is beautiful in LA and my pictures try to reflect that. I don't think beauty is exclusive to woman. Woman just seem to work for it harder, so I just try to give them credit for it.