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Please see information about voice recording and a sample below

Thank you for your participation in my art show (many thanks in advance!). You have been contacted because at some point in time I took your photograph and your help in making this a successful show is of utmost importance. None of this is being sold or monetized in any way. It is a collaborative effort to pay homage to the social gatherings we knew before Covid-19 has struck. 

For my upcoming solo show I am pairing images I have taken in the past four years of people that I have met in social occasions with audio clips of their voice (and sometimes music). These video slideshows will be implemented onto large monitors that will be presented at the show with an interesting way to make the audio play only when a person stands in front of one of these monitors. In addition, the show will feature many of my paintings, installations, and other video projects - pretty much my entire work of the last four years.

Your audio clip can be of you talking about anything from drunken bar philosophy, gossip, to dreamy thoughts. Really anything that reminds you of times being out socializing. 

Please follow the instructions below to submit and please do it as soon as you can - it really takes no substantial effort, but just a few minutes to come up with something to say:

1. Record yourself telling your short story in a quiet space. The ideal length of time is anywhere between 20 - 60 seconds. A voice recording app on your phone works great. 

2. Once you have completed a recording to your satisfaction please email it to:

Please submit today, tomorrow or the day after but not later than that.

Please note: these audio clips are not meant to be a reflection on past times of being able to go out but rather something you would have said or a story you would have told when you were out enjoying a drink with friends pre-pandemic. 

* Many are not sure what to say... I can't really give you a script because this needs to be your own voice (literally and figuratively) and doing so with 300+ people will delay the opening of the show to 2022. My suggestion is pick one of your favorite books and read a bit and maybe that will spark something, maybe picture yourself in situation with others - what would you like to tell them? Think you're in 2018-2019, what's on your mind? Using the present tense is encouraged.

* Many have requested to see their picture, to inspire the recording. To expedite this process please see our mutual messages on Instagram - most chances I tagged you in one or more images in the past - these are most likely the ones I will use. If you can't find these images, or would like to see a specific image - please EMAIL me this request, because Instagram messages get buried very quickly, are hard to sort and I don't have these images handy on my phone. Many thanks in advance!


I am looking forward to receiving your audio clips and sharing this project with you and the many people who will attend. This show will be in a prominent space at the Beverly Center, and will be promoted in news outlets and by many other influential outlets. Please see the video below as a sample of what will be presented at the show.

Sample Audio - Julia Marie



Above is an illustration of how the show will work. When the viewer approaches the monitor the audio file that accompanies the image that is currently displayed with start playing. The audio portion will continue to play as the images change so long as the viewer remains within range of the monitor.