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July 18-21 / Art Santa Fe

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Ty Joseph x Art Santa Fe


Maya Angelou Mural Festival

A Photographic Inscription

Saturday, May 18th 4PM-9PM
Dr. Maya Angelou Community High School 300 E 53rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90011

Los Angeles based artist and photographer Ty Joseph will be exhibiting a collection of photographs focusing on students and participants over the course of the collaborative endeavor to revamp the South LA community school through the vision of art, creativity and partnership.
The intent of the exhibition is not only to document the students and artists during the making of murals and the process of creating art, but to demonstrate the concept of being part of the art itself. It is the empowerment that can be achieved through the visual exploration of oneself, or peers, that is the main drive behind the project. The photographs will be a diverse compilation, taken on a number of cameras of digital and film, monochromatic and color mediums, to emphasis possibilities and different perspectives.
The exhibition will be part of the grand reception for Branded Arts’ Maya Angelou Mural Festival which will feature dozens of artworks from students, local and international artists alike, and an intimate live performance by Miguel.
In the past two years Ty has centered his photography around community and people, yet mainly in the circles of his milieu.This project gives the German born, Israeli raised artist, the opportunity to share his deep cultural connection with the city of LA, where he has been residing for the past 13 years. “LA has never been just Hollywood for me. LA has a soul which is greater than what any other conglomeration can ever produce. It is a true hub of all people and all things. Anywhere in LA feels like the center of the universe for me.”
Ty  Joseph
Ty with a Maya Angelou student, 2019
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'The Meaning of L' Closing Reception
Saturday, February 23rd, 6-10 PM.

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'The Meaning of L' Solo Exhibition, runs Dec 13 - Jan 30th, 2019.
Opening Reception, Thursday, December 13th, 6-10 PM.


The Meaning of L


CASA of Los Angeles WINE & ART - 11/3
Fundraiser Art Auction
Casa's Wine+Art
Fundraiser Art Auction
Branded Arts Maya Angelou Fundraiser
SCOPE Miami [12/4 - 12/9]
Opening, Tuesday, December 4th, 6-10
'The Meaning of L' Solo Exhibition - 12/13 - 1/30
Opening Reception, Thursday, December 13th, 6-10

Ty Joseph

“Vibrant. Enigmatic. Meaningful.”

Although influenced by Pop Art, with its bold, eye-catching images and impersonal approach, at the core of Ty Joseph’s work is an intrinsic desire to express individuality, elegance, and social interactions by applying symbolic overtones. Working with vivid, distinct colors on large canvases, Ty infuses his sense of identity into each of his works with signature sweeps of L-shaped patterns. When viewed from a distance, these patterns create an illusion of unity that, upon closer inspection, reveal a much more complex, multi-faceted image, much like the idea of individuality itself.


Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts Gallery (GDCA) is pleased to host Ty Joseph’s first solo exhibit, where he will reveal a comprehensive body of work from 2017 18. Since his first appearance on the art scene, Ty Joseph has been a sought after artist by both private collectors and art enthusiasts alike. His work has been featured in a handful of group showings exhibiting a selection of both established and emerging artists. The meaning of L is a journey across Ty Joseph’s evolvement as an artist exploring the topics of his choices as they had been reflected through his paintings, such as the search for a definitive identity and social conditions. The show will be accompanied by a book covering the body of work and Ty Joseph’s experiences and thoughts. Since 2010, GDCA’s thought-provoking curations have caught the eye of collectors and captured the hearts of LA’s artsy crowd. Offering a dynamic mix for their clientele with an ever-growing number of innovative artists joining the Gloria Delson family, the rapidly successful gallery has become a destination for artists and collectors who want to be a part of something visionary. Attracting a wealth of high-profile clients, GDCA offers a thoroughly delightful experience in Downtown’s Gallery Row.


“I like to think that my artwork comes out of nowhere or nothing, because this would make it very pure. But I know it's not. Nothing ever comes out of nothing, and nothing is never really pure. It's not that I think about what I do too much, but it's more about what I discover later. In the beginning when people started to ask me about the meaning of my L's, I didn't know what to say. I thought they came out of nowhere. But now I say that they stand for 'Los Angeles', or they stand for 'elegance', or they are the missing syllable from my name when I changed it to Ty. But when it comes to my art as a whole, portraying elegance is very important to me because no one else seems to care about elegance anymore – especially in art.”


“I fell in Love with Los Angeles at first sight, and we're still together to this very day. People say it's hard to keep a relationship in LA. But LA is the relationship, and it's just sometimes hard to keep people". Ty found inspiration in LA’s multifaceted sceneries, and often explores the city’s social spectacles. "The parties in LA have a purpose. They make little people feel bigger and bigger people feel like stars. And then stars get to feel little again, if they want to.”


Ty Joseph was born Tal Ezra Joseph in Hamburg, Germany and grew up in Kfar Saba, Israel. After his service in the Israel Navy, he spent two years touring America as a musician before finding a true home in Los Angeles. In the past decade, he pursued his education, a career in real estate, and taking part in Hollywood’s zestful nightlife before returning to his first love, art.

The LA Art Show [1/23 - 1/27]
Opening, Wednesday, January 23rd, 6-10