Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Went with Lauren to David Hockney's opening at LA Louver. We parked next to two bohemian-chic sofa chairs, wrapped in plastic and just sitting on the curb. Since we got there a bit early I figured we'll try to find a way to take possession of these chairs before anyone else does. I didn't drive my truck to Venice, and these were pretty large size chairs, so we needed to find either someone with a truck or - which what ended happening, someone who lives right next door, who will store those until I could come with a truck. Somehow Lauren knew a guy from Highland Park who happened to have an AirBnB house for the night right on the canals some 30 yards away from where we parked for his birthday party. She called him up and we ended up carrying the chairs to the house's front yard. But then we stayed for a bit since a few people we there for the party and everyone wanted to talk to Lauren. We ended going to LA Louver about 25 minutes after the official opening started and it turned out we had just missed Hockney, who left a few minutes before we arrived. This disappointed me a little and I began to hate those sofa chairs. We stayed for an hour or probably less, and then returned to the party house for a drink. From there we drove downtown to Staples Center to see Lauren's friend, Erika, who is seeing one of the player from the Dallas Mavericks. The game ended soon after we got there and once the players left the arena, a group of us went to eat dinner at Wolfgang Puck. Aside from Erika's boy, Salah Mejri, who is the first and only Arabic player in the NBA, we were joined by another player, Nerlens Noel, and a couple of staff members. Later we all went to Madam Siam in Hollywood for some drinks and dancing and everyone was having a really good time - including myself. I danced with Lauren and her vintage jumpsuit and it was just great. 

Photographed: Lauren Peggy Doyle, Salah Mejri, and Erika Saxon.

Lauren Peggy Doyle, David Hockney Salah Mejri and Erika SaxonLauren Peggy Doyle