Wednesday, June 27 - Milk Studios, Madame Siam with TM and Mark Houston

Went with TM to meet up with Mark Houston at Harvard and Stone before going to Milk Studios for a group photography show. Our Uber took the wrong streets again. Mark showed up with a new mustache which I thought was great because now I could finally tell him apart from Jonnie. We then drove to Milk Studios in Mark's Tesla. I took pictures of some people I knew there - Greg Brown didn't know he was part of the show. Then we went to Madame Siam where we finished the night. 

Photographed: Kendall Bernota, Tyler-Marie Evans, Greg Brown, John Koglikowszki, Mark Houston, Willie Maldonado, Cece Paige, Mateo Sadowski, Kevin Hayeland, Alexandra Stellwood, Skye Peters.

Kendall Bernota, Tyler-Marie Evans by Ty Joseph
Greg Brown by Ty Joseph

John Koglikowszki by Ty Joseph Mark Houston, Willie Maldonado by Ty Joseph
Cece Paige, Mateo Sadowski by Ty Joseph
Kevin Hayeland, Alexandra Stellwood
Mark Houston, Skye Peters