Wednesday, Aug 2, 2017

Went to the office to finish up some work, and specifically to put the Haring portrait in one of the two frames that Nick constructed the day before. Even though I was planning to stay late in the studio, but once I discovered that the painting was too big for the frame because Nick matched the size of the canvas to the outside of the frame instead of the inside, I got upset and decided to go out. I joined C at the Houdini Estate on Laurel Canyon for an event. I got there a bit after 8:30, just about an hour before it ended. We left the Estate around 10, planning to link up at Doheny Room with these two German girls we had just met there. We walked up Lookout Mountain Ave, and then Stanley Hills Dr. to C's car, when one of the neighbors stepped outside his house to attain to his barking dogs as another neighbor was walking his dog passing us on the road. The guy, who was yapping at his dog, noticed us, stepped outside his gate, started talking to us, and asked us about the event and if it was still going on. Somehow the conversation kept going and he invited us in for a beer. The guy turned out to be Danny Lohner, a very accomplished musician who had worked with Nine Inch Nails, Angels & Airwaves, Marilyn Manson and many more. We ended up staying at his house till 4 am. It turned out we knew some of the same people and shared some random commonalities, such as having the same birthday as C's and turns out they're both from the same place in Texas. It turned out to be an interesting night, gossiping about much of the stuff I used to be involved, or wanted to be involved with, during my days as a musician.

Ty Joseph Grammy