Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Went to a movie screening at the CAA building in Century City with J. The movie, which I am not suppose to talk about, was Deep Murder. Uhm, it was a ridiculous parody intended for apparently, an audience that is very easily entertained. I guess when I watch movies I look for inspiration, and I could not find any whatsoever in this one. It did revolve around a whodunit theme, which I am a big fan of, but aside for a few decent, yet not ground-breaking, cracks the whole movie what insanely dumb and I couldn't wait for it to be over. Once we left CAA we decided to get dinner at the Rainbow Bar & Grill, a place I used to frequent when I first moved to LA. Some things never change, and what a surprise, Ron Jeremy was there. I had the lasagna and J had mozzarella fries. I gave some of my lasagna to J but forgot to warn him about how hot it was and he burnt his tongue. While we were waiting for the food, I called CW to catch up, because I saw that she booked a trip to Hong Kong. We tried to make plans for later in the week but could not commit to anything. She said she's going to Vietnam too, and that I should come as she is going to meet with a mutual friend of ours that lives in Mongolia. While I was on the phone with CW, J was texting with L from New York, who happened to be in LA for the night and asks us to come to the Petit Ermitage. So when we got done with the food, we went to the Petit. The Petit Ermitage is everything that the movie I saw earlier wasn't. It is a place of total inspiration. Its late 19th century bohemian design is done to perfection and every inch of it is a piece of art. We went upstairs to the rooftop lounge and set by the pool with L and some other friends. At some point I decided to take a picture of the girl in the pool and chit chatted with her and her two friends for a bit, however I did not really get to know who they were, so I was left with a picture of an unknown person - a fascinating unknown person. L flew to LA to get his car and drive it back to New York with a friend - an epic coast to coast road trip - as one must make at least once. I never did a coast to coast, but I did go on two major road trips before. Both by myself - if I don't include a visitor that flew to see me and flew back. One in 2008, when I drove from Chicago to LA, and one in 2015 when I drove and stayed in the South for almost a month. There is something very different about road trips. A good road trip instigates a change. And if you want a change, you should go on a good road trip.  

Ty Joseph Petit Ermitage