Tuesday, July 11, 2017.

Today Autumn and I finished working on the website and just before Autumn had to leave early to go to Soho House for a members yoga class, we launched it with just enough content for it to be considered launch-worthy. I kept my biography very minimal and didn't include any artist statements or CV's. It's not that I don't believe in them, it's just that I don't think mine are developed enough yet. It seems that everything is more intriguing when it is untold or hidden anyways. Too often people find me interesting at most on the first five seconds they see me. But once they get to know me they get too comfortable and less excited. Sometimes I feel that those who are fascinated by me the most are people that barely know me. It's because they want to know me but for some reason we never get to know each other. It's the same when it comes to people and celebrities. People think celebrities are so exciting but then, once they get to know them, it's usually disappointing and the excitement is replaced by just a desire to be close to fame and fortune. Being close to fame and fortune is much easier and breezy than actually being rich or famous - which is usually something only a small percentage of people can really handle well. To celebrate the launch of my website I went to Cloak and Dagger which is a black only attire, members only, mainstream industrial Goth club. It's also something to do on a Tuesday night in Hollywood. I sat at Ivy Levan's table. Ivy is really sweet, but she gets nutty when she goes out. Her entourage was four guys who all looked the same - the light short hair, 5 o'clock shadow type. I mainly kept to myself and chatted with other people. I find it impossible to keep up with anything Ivy says or does. It was a mild celebration - it's been a while since anything really interesting has happened at that place.