Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Went with Monica Weldon and Sunset to Runyon Canyon for a brunch time hike. Saw Ian Passmore there starting his second round. And when we finished, he started his third round. Later before I went out I dyed my hair because my roots are failing me again. But they were not they only this that was failing me that night. When I turned on the water to take a shower, there were no hot water. I then turned on the water in the kitchen, and no hot water again. I waited a few minutes, and still no how water. I put on my robe, flipflops, took a towel, a soap bar and conditioner and went to the shower at the gym in my building. But also there, there was no hot water. I then called Monica who lives a couple of buildings away to see if I can use her shower, but she told me in her most apologetic voice, that she just left her place to go to a birthday party. I then call another neighbor from across the street, and finally got lucky. I went and took a shower at his building's gym. I was ready in time for K and a few other friends to meet at my place and go to Cloak and Dagger. 

Ty Joseph