Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Went with Y to the Opening of Homme Gallery in Echo Park, where Overpass afterhours club used to be. It was a well curated show with artist such as John Paul Fauves, Mike Dargas, Justin Bower and the Popovy sisters. After the show Y and I ubered to Black Rabbit Rose for the jazz night, hosted by Fred Durst. We got dropped off in front of No Vacancy, and walked down to the entrance for BBR. On the way, outside the Thai food express window restaurant I stop Shaughnessy Brown, a stunning persona from New York I have been noticing in the past year. After passing her I decided to backtrack and approach her. We ended up all going inside BBR together and just hanging out for most of the night until I left. When we went inside the jazz show, Shaughnessy jumped on stage and stole the show. If there's a modern day more refine version of Gia, it's Shaughnessy Brown.

Ty Joseph Shaughnessy Brown   Ty Joseph Shaughnessy Brown

Ty Joseph Shaughnessy Brown

Ty Joseph