Thursday, October 5, 2017

Went to an LA Fashion Week show with Y at the Alexandria Bowl Rooms downtown LA. The event was heavily sponsored by the Thai Tourist Authority, and along with the tacky look of the reception area one could really feel that they are in Thailand. Oh and the show consisted of three Asian designers, which attracted, well you know, mostly Asians. Luckily for me, I went with Y, which is half Filipino so I felt perfectly in place, and at times just pretended I was on vacation somewhere in south east Asia. Once they let people in the bowl room area, our lack of VIP status seated us in the 3rd row, which was actually better than the second row since it was elevated. I still felt like I was on vacation, so sitting in the 3rd row did not bother me at all. On fashion week everyone knows that the models are also 3rd row models, because they work for peanuts (which is what they gave us for food in between the shows). But some of the models where actually very elegant, and so were some of the designs - but the chandeliers and the chairs were very elegant, so overall, still on vacation, I really enjoyed it. During the show, while Y entertained me on the left side, on my right side sat an interior designer, also Filipino (I think), MongQ. We did not stay for the third show and went to get another dinner at Manuela, the restaurant at Hauser & Writh. We ordered the half chicken and I had to ask three waiters in they were sure it was the chicken and not the quail. I guess maybe it was a half hen. Or a half hummingbird. When we got back to my place, we had another dinner. I made chicken noodle soup.

Ty Joseph LAFW 1

Ty Joseph LAFW 2

Ty Joseph LAFW 3