Thursday, October 11, 2018 - Maddox Gallery Opening

Took a break from work and went with Noël to the Maddox Gallery opening in Beverly Hills. After a little confusion at the door we walked in. I was very excited once I saw the first plate of appraisers of fish and chips walking towards me. It didn't disappoint. The pigs in blankets that followed didn't disappoint either. It was a great opening and so many interesting people showed up like David Husselfoff and Robert Downy Junior. I might have told Paris Hilton that one of the works in the Gallery was mine. Apparently it was her favorite piece. Then she asked me where I'm from and I felt kind of awkward when I said Germany, since the show was called The Best of Britain. After that I was worried she'll keep investigating so I escaped the conversation and we left shortly after. 

Paris Hilton and Ty Joseph Sam Palmer and Ty Joseph
Ty Joseph and James Goldcrown