Thursday, June 14, 2018

Went to the Galore Magazine event at Mouche Gallery with Julia. The theme of the event was early 2000's - even though it seemed that we were the only ones who bothered to dress for the occasion. But then I wasn't even getting my outfit right. I looked more like a 1980's Lacoste advertisement. I should have watched an episode of Friends before trying out things to wear. I met a photographer, Norbert Baeres, who spoke with me for about an hour (maybe not an hour, but it was right when we got there and all I wanted to do is see who else is there). He took some pictures of me and Julia and was the first of the evening to refer to me as 'Andy Warhol' (but not the last). I don't usually mind when people make that connection, it is just a reminder that I have big shoes to fill. We spoke with some other girls that are all signed with Hollywood Model Management; Olga, Alona, Kamilla, Noemie. I ran into Brendon Melton, too. I was unaware that he was affiliated with the gallery until last night. After the show, we went to the Galore after-party at Madame Siam which was packed. Julia excitedly spotted Jeremy Renner, who I recognized but whose name I couldn't seem to recall or anything he's been in.

Photographed: Noemie Gaidies, Kamilla Halasz, Alona Korzun, Olga Cerpita, Brandon Lee Melton, Maddie McDonough, Julia Dunstall, Bobi Andonov, Savannah Hudson, Morgan Jensen.


Neomie Gaidies, Kamilla Halasz, Alona Korzun, Olga Cerpita, Ty Joseph
Brabdon Lee Melton, Maddie Mcdonough, Ty Joseph Ty Joseph, Julia Dunstall, Raquel Welsh, Terry O'Neil
Bobi Andonov, Savannah Hudson, Morgan Jensen, Ty Joseph