Thursday, July 13, 2017.

I like to think that my artwork comes out of nowhere or nothing, because this would make it very pure. But I know it's not. Nothing ever comes out of nothing, and nothing is never really pure. So that means that my art, or any art, always comes out of something. It's not that I think about what I do too much (when I do it), but it's more about what I discover later. In the beginning when people started asking me about the meaning of my L's, I didn't know what to say. I thought they came out of nowhere. But now I say that they stand for 'Los Angeles', or they stand for 'elegance' or they are the missing syllable from my name when I changed it to Ty. But when it comes to my art as a whole, portraying elegance is very important to me because no one else seems to care about elegance anymore - especially in art. It is also important to me because elegance is the opposite of noisy, and I am very sensitive to noise. I have Misophonia. I used to suffer from Misophonia, but I learned how to deal with it and avoid uncomfortable situations. Now days I don't suffer so much but just seem awkward when I'm avoiding those situations. It also made me choose curtain type of people that I can be comfortable around, so I always assess people by whether they are 'elegant' or 'noisy' before anything else. Someone can be very physically attractive, but if they are noisy they become very unattractive to me. But then someone could be unattractive, but if they are elegant they become attractive. However, it seems that elegance play a more vital part for beauties because being attractive is very important to them. While people who are not beauties rely on other traits, and since being attractive does not play a major role, they are often more noisy. Some people use noisy to their advantage, especially in art. Even if it would make a bigger impact, I would never make noisy art because it wouldn't be my art. That doesn't mean that my art is the most elegant art, but I hope it is elegant enough to counter noisy art.