Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Went to a few art openings at Pacific Design Center by myself. I knew about one, at Laurent & Martin Gallery, which was Laurent Proneur's show. The gallery is very large and most of the people were behind a partitioned wall at the very end, so when I entered the main area was completely empty, and those Picassoisque paintings made it look like a museum in the off hours. In the back area I didn't know anyone so I looked at the paintings (which most of them I was already familiar with) for a bit, and ventured off to the other galleries. I entered the vibrant  Sur Le Mur galley which, among other artists, was featuring some of Jeff Hamilton's new creations. There I saw an artist a recently met at the LA Art Show, Meghan Hall, and after a little while she started to spread this rumor that I am this great artist. So, once this rumor got around all kinds of people started to talk to me. I ended up getting a little tour of the gallery from the gallery director, Megan Phillips. She seemed to like my art when I showed it to her on my phone and very hands on with everything that goes into her gallery. She mentioned that artists often call her for advise with their art - and she seemed like a person who gives good advises. Afterwards I was talking to Jeff Hamilton, who I met for the fist time. We hit it off very well, and he just loved the stuff of mine that I showed him. The next morning I woke up to 30 likes from him on my Instagram pictures. He is doing a little art fair show of his own in February, and invited me to participate in it. After the galleries I went with Isabelle Holman (a girl I briefly met at Delilah's the other week and just showed up by herself to Sur Le Mur) to Fred Durst's jazz night at Black Rabbit Rose. Johnny Houston was getting me a drink, so I asked for Jameson rocks, but it took so long, so I went to the bar where he was getting some more people drinks, and it turned out that they went to get a new bottle from the back. Instead, the bartender lady offered me alternatives and that gave me a good excuse to choose my favorite scotch, Johnny Walker Black Label. She poured me two and a half shots I think. After the jazz show I took some provocative pictures of Isabelle in the passage between Black Rabbit Rose and Dirty Laundry, and from there we ended up at the latter.

Isabelle Holman  Jeff Hamilton and Ty Joseph

Johnny Houston  Isabelle Holman

Isabelle Holman