Thursday, January 18, 2018

Met with my Grace Guo for dinner at Black Rabbit Rose in Hollywood. She sent me a very nice card for Christmas and for the short amount of time that we worked together, she did a great job. We talked about our plans for the new year. She seemed interested in helping out, and I would definitely be glad to work with her again. I told her about the interest of the Houston brothers to put up a unique art show that I would be involved with, and the opportunity that it will present to me to work on much larger scale paintings. We also discussed the option to tap into the Chinese market where she would play a major role, helping facilitating my PR there. I think it would be great to show my art in China and see what kind of feedback it would receive. I am always interested in finding out more about my art. BRR was packed with people I know. An old friend, Meya Jones, who I met on my birthday last year was giving her going away party there, and many mutual friends were there. Mark Houston was sitting with Adrian Grenier at the table across from us. After the dinner part, we went into the theater part to see the jazz show which is now one of the most sought out place to be on a Thursday night in LA. We were a little bit late to make the move and the only seats that were available to us were in the very back. Next to Grace sat this girl who works at the Chanel store on Rodeo Dr. which neighbors Grace's galley - Gallery Michael. They were discussing rents. Chanel pays $150k per month, and Gallery Michael doesn't pay Grace enough for her to care about how much the rent is. We only stayed until 12:30 and left and went home. 

Grace Guo, Ty Joseph, Larrisa Berry