Thursday, January 11, 2018

Went with K to a last minute pop up show that featured two of my paintings at the Freehand Hotel in downtown LA. We also went to the LA Art Show a bit before - it was K's first time at an art fair. I found out about the Freehand show just yesterday when Jacob Ryan from Homme Gallery asked me to participate. He is in the process of moving his gallery to a new location in the Hollywood Hills, which is where I met him to drop of the paintings - a portrait of Warhol and a portrait of Haring. After I dropped off the paintings Wednesday evening, I went to the opening of the LA art show and there I saw Johnny Valenti and found out that he is producing the Freehand show. The Freehand show also featured paintings by Mickey Avalon, who's song was playing at my place just the other day - and K was there and wondered who that (man in a black sedan) was. But he wasn't there - He is in Miami at the Versace mansion, probably not thinking about a hotel in downtown LA. The show was on the rooftop of the hotel by the pool. Jacob erected a few large plywood panels which he painted white and placed the paintings on them. He was in the finishing stages when we arrived. For the most part we just sat, with people that came and went - artist Nick Hunt, Serge Serum, Paul Morris, Johnny Valenti. Lina Valentina showed up a bit later, and a few other friends. After the show I went with K, Claire Felske, and Jules Hamilton to a Korean Barbecue restaurant in Korea Town.

Claire Felske, Jules Hamilton, Kelleth Cuthbert