Thursday, February 1st, 2008

Went with Kendall to Black Rabbit Rose for Fred Durst's jazz night. We really tried not to make a night out of it, and leave early. But then, whenever I go to those places, it becomes harder then it seems at first. We were seated with some old and new friends, and I we just had a couple of beers. But then, when the band took a break we went to wonder around and given more drinks at Dirty Laundry. A couple of the new friends, Elle Dawson and Kevin Hayeland, suggested we go to adults only. Courtlyn Cannan suggested it too. And I didn't object because it's on my way home anyways. So we ended up making a night out of it. We met more new friends at table, Madison Paige, not the fictional character, but the model, was one of them.

Elle Dawson  Kendall

Madison Paige, Sam Waldman ,Kevin Heyeland, Courtlyn Cannan, Elle Dawson