Thursday, August 9, 2018 - Boa with Cherish, Doheny Room with Valerija Sestic and Cameron Kippsten

Went to dinner at Boa with Cherish since they offered her and her group a comp dinner to promote their new Jazz Night. We then went to my place to refresh, and I randomly discovered that two of my paintings complete each other. I was then convinced to go to Doheny Room, which was great, because it was Cameron Kippsten's birthday celebration and which meant that many nightlife veterans were there and the party was really happening. Photographed: Cherish Waters, Cheyenne Gordon, Logan Jackson, Cameron Kippsten, Valerija Sestic, Sierra Plowden, Rush Zimmerman, Alana Greszata, Austin Visschedyk.

Ty Joseph, Cherish Waters, Cheyenne Gordon, Logan JacksonTy JosephCameron Kippsten, Valerija Sestic Sierra PlowdenDoheny Room, Alana Greszata, Cameron KippstenValerja Sestic, Rush Zimmerman Austin Visschedyk