Sunday, September 16, 2018 - Alan Chin exhibit and McDonald's

Went with Dane and Sunset to Alan Chin's art show in Downey. I was invited by a dear old friend, Julia Conley, who I bumped into a couple of days before at a screening for Bold Films' movie Colette in Beverly Hills. Chin's work was very earthy, large scale earthy, which I thought was very ambitious and interesting. I never been to an art show in Downey before, and I thought that that was very ambitious too. But most exciting was Julia's congenial and enchanting personality, that never ceased to shine itself in the large studio space. As a bonus, on the way back, we passed by the oldest operating McDonald's in the world. I naturally stepped in for a double cheeseburger. Photographed: Dane Lee, Julia Conley, Sakura Heffron, Alan Chin. 

Julia Conley, Alan Chin Julia Conley, Ty JosephDane Lee, Julia Conley, Sakura Heffron, Ty JosephJulia Conley, Sakura Heffron Julia Conley, Sakura HeffronAlan ChinMcDonald's