Sunday, October 1, 2017

Went to Jazz night at Delilah's with Y and Joined Nick Simmons at his table. Last time I was there, I believe two weeks ago, we played Charades, and it seems that Nick was just itching to get another Charades game going. Other than Nick and myself, there was no one at the table who was also there two week ago. It was a rather small group that included a Brazilian (I think) model (I think) who's name I didn't hear, a big guy with long hair that sat to my right, who's name I can't remember, and a Norwegian singer, Lisa Tatjana, who I sat next to after Y left. I did pretty good at the game - and since I guessed many of the clues it has also became my turn to act them out quite frequently. My clues included: Cage the Elephant (music act), Lord of the Flies (book), Catcher in the Rye (Book), and Hair (Musical). I always try to think of interesting famous people but their names are so difficult to act out. But now that I think of it I could have easily done Mick Jagger - 'sounds like' - dick dagger. I'll have to save this one for the next time I go.