Sunday, July 9th

Went to the office and worked for a bit. Then B came by to ask me if I knew anything about air-bnb. He wants to rent out two rooms in his house on a short term basis, which he is now subleasing to long term tenants. Well he didn't just come to pique my knowledge on rentals, but what he really came for is to see if I can help him with money while he's transitioning from long term rentals to short term ones because he needs to give his long term their deposit back. I told him I'll think about it. B never has any money. It's so depressing. When I met him nine years ago he was a painter and had more money than me. He is one of those people that believe that if you constantly think of something you'll end up having it. Well, he had been thinking alright, but nothing happened. I just can't understand why he insists on thinking so much when it hasn't gotten him anywhere. B has it all wrong. The best things happen in between thinking. Thinking stops you from doing what you would have done if you weren't thinking. Instincts, on the other hand, are when you do something without thinking, and that's usually when you discover how much you can actually do. On the way home I stopped at Ralph's for some groceries for the week. The bagger messed up everything and I had to rearrange everything in the begs when I got to my car because I didn't want to make him feel bad. I just wish they would let me bag my own groceries, but I guess it's also good that someone has a job to do.