Sunday, January 14, 2018

Went to Dark Room on Melrose with Sunset to see Tonia Cascio, who I dated in 2015 and for the most part of 2016, at her farewell party before she and Isani Griffith take off to tour the world for a whole year. It would be very interesting to see if she would last. When she went to south east Asia for six weeks about a year ago, she had managed to get injured in a scooter accident and get her wallet stolen with all her money. Maybe better luck this time. I then went to Delilah's for Jazz Night. I was suppose to meet Natasha Basset there but right when I got in my car she texted saying that she is not feeling well and has to cancel. I went anyways because I was already in my car and already told Nick Simmons that I am coming. I arrive at the exact same time as Nick does, so at least I don't have to walk into the venue by myself. Once we're in and Nick gets his table, he sits single me on the love seat facing the stage. So far I'm the only one sitting at the table while Nick is standing chatting with people. But not a couple of minutes go by and a wonderful blonde helps herself to sit next to me to my left on the love seat while her guy friend sits himself on the chair to her left. They were both very friendly and saved me from an awkward situation - going to places by myself. Her name was Lauren Doyle and he was Jared Reichbaum (who is working on a documentary about him walking across America coast to coast - it took him seven months, average of 20 miles per day), both LA transplants from Pittsburgh, and I think they both liked me because I was giving an "Andy Warhol vibe". Her friend Erika Saxon was sitting across the table from me and we all ended up hanging together until I left. Lauren even managed to make me dance with her - I felt like I owed her, so I had no choice.   

Nick Simmons, Skylar, Erika Saxon    Lauren Doyle, Ty Joseph, Erika Sazon  Tonia Cascio, Isani Griffith