Sunday, April 29, 2018

Yesterday Julia suggested that we go to the Melrose flea market, and I agreed. Julia needed new old jeans, and needed new old shoes. I told Morgan Jensen about it, and she also agreed. She needed birthday presents. I took Sunset with us and we met Morgan at the Market. Neither of them had any cash, so every time they had gotten something I paid and we added up the sum. Julia and Morgan bought all kinds of patches, then Morgan bought a vintage red floppy hat. Or was it a cowboy hat? I didn't find shoes, but I found a pair of sunglasses that I thought looked more modern than my current ones but still retro enough to be considered 1960's. After the market we went to Paramount Coffee Project, an Australian Cafe, for lunch. This time it was the girls' time to pay the bill. I had a slow cooked lamb sandwich with dandelion - which I pronounced dandi-leeeon and it became the subject of a 10-minute conversation. At lunch a friend of Julia's, Paris, joined us and then Morgan left, and we all left and I left and Julia and Paris went back to the market to see if she can still find a pair of jeans. I went home to drop off Sunset and then went to SkyBar at the Mondrian Hotel for Julifer Day's birthday day-party. I didn't know anyone there except for Claire Felske but the table we were seated (or standing around) at had a vast amount of bottles coming, so that was comforting enough, especially since I had to battle with the worst music I heard in decades.

Photographed: Morgan Jensen, Julia Dunstall and Julifer Day.

Morgan Jensen and Julia Dunstall at Melrose Flea MarketTy Joseph and Morgan Jensen at the Melrose Flee Market
Julifer Day birthday at SkyBar at the Mondrian Hotel