Saturday, June 16, 2018 / Diana Ross at Hollywood Bowl, Houston Brothers, Break Room 86

Mark Houston invited Julia and I to join his family at Diana Ross' concert Hollywood Bowl. Diana was great, performing all her best songs except for her most known song, I'm Coming Out. We went with the Houstons to Madame Siam, watching the illusionist sideshow for which the bar is known. I met one of the featured dancers Emily, who I thought a very talented entertainer. We finished the night with Break Room 86.

Diana Ross at Hollywood BowlMark, Johnny and Shaina Houston at Hollywood Bowl, Diana Ross.

Rayana Ragan and MotherJulia Dunstall and Mark Houston Tyler-Marie Evans at Madame Siam
Kendall Bernota at Madame Siam Ty Joseph with entertainer Natalie at Madame Siam