Saturday, July 8 - Clio

I went to meet Clio Wilde for a drink at the Roosevelt Hotel. I went to meet her, but she went to meet other people there and also meet me. I normally would avoid situations like these at any cost, but the Roosevelt is so close and I wanted to see her so I took my chances. My friend C joined last minute, but he was also meeting other people there so my situation hasn't improved by much. Within a couple of minutes, I knew this would be a struggle. Clio was catching up with friends, while I was catching up with my phone. I knew I had to get her attention, so I offered to take her picture, and it turned out to be a good one. I knew it would be a good one because Clio is such an effortless beauty. She plays her beauty down, which in a way makes her so much more beautiful. She loved the picture and told me I always take such good pictures. I took the credit, even though I should have passed it on to my phone's camera as I sometimes do. We; Clio, a couple of her friends, and C, and a couple of his friends, ended up having some after hours drinks at my place. I took more pictures and Clio took one of me holding a camera that I thought looked pretty good.

Ty Joseph     Clio Wilde