Saturday, July 15, 2017

Went with C to an exhibition of Vivian Maier's photographs after work at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery on La Brea and 1st. There were a lot of people there and the AC just couldn't handle them all, so just like her photos, the room felt like summer in Chicago. This exhibition was "hosted" by Tim Roth and I'm not sure what exactly was his involvement, but the PR sure played a big role in bringing prices to a whole different dimension. I mean, I couldn't believe it - starting at $3750 for a "limited" edition framed 12"x12" print. Maier's story is interesting, but I don't think it was about selling her photographs to only the very rich. And it wasn't about selling her art at all. She didn't even want anyone to see it! So for her to die poor, by keeping a hidden treasure, just for someone else to capitalize on that after her death, just seems like bad taste. The show opening wasn't open to the public.