Saturday, August 26, 2017

I rented a U-haul and met Nick at the office in the morning to load in the paintings and everything else we prepared for Artopia. I drove the Uhaul to Union Station and Nick drove his car, carrying four 12' 2x4's that we used as a frame to hang the painting on and serve as a platform for the spot lights to extend from. Both me and Nick worked tirelessly from noon to seven to set everything up for the show and around that time we were only about 85% done. But I couldn't do anymore work and went to change to my show clothes. My very committed crew who now also included Hannah Gantt (originally K was suppose to work, but she was offered $100/hour elsewhere and sent Hannah instead), finished the other 15% and by 8 we were ready, even though people had started to walk in at 7. The effort was worth it. I was very happy with how the people around me performed, and my exhibit looked beautiful - and much more impressive than any of the other ones. The event brought in roughly 700 people, which was less than expected, but after such hard work, I didn't mind having less people, as I felt like just sitting and observing. Luckily some more friends who came and hung at our exhibit took the initiative to entertain the visitors and I was mostly sitting and observing. Grace and Nick were there with me for the loading out and by 1am we were all loaded out. Nick came over and we watched the recording of the fight between Mcgregor and Mayweather. We both predicted how the fight was going to pan out exactly how it did. I didn't care much for the fight nor the solar eclipse earlier this week - the two most talked about events since the presidential election. I feel that people should be more original with the things they care for or entertained by but I guess the search for a common denominator is just too great. Especially now days when our country is so divided.  

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