Monday, August 28, 2017

I received an email from doctor Lee with my lab results from the blood work taken on August 9. The results indicated that my glucose levels are too high (pre-diabetes) and that my alkaline phosphates levels are too high (pre-liver faliure). But then I got to the very last line of the chart which has indicated that my iron levels are too low (post-vegetarian). I doubted the first two deviations but this last one seemed very peculiar as my diet consists of mostly meat and a good dose of vitamins. I then noticed that the name on the results wasn't mine - in fact it was a French name. But oddly enough the age and date of the test were consisted with mine. I emailed doctor Lee's office asking if they are sure these are my test results, and then texted K that my doctor sent me someone else's results. She asked if that person has aids. I told her about what he did have, and also his name. It turned out this person is K's previous booker at Wilhelmina and we officially concluded it by checking his birthday. I then received my actual results, which were all perfect except that my iron levels are too high, which I found very amusing. K was still "mind blown" by the fact that she knew the person who's results I received by error. I didn't think much it though, and told her that there are no more than three degrees of separation in LA's west side. In other words, any of my doctor's patient is connected to me by one person or less. This one just happened to be connected to me through K. I was glad my results were optimal as I was worried something was wrong because of some pain I was feeling for a few days in my abdominal area, which I thought could be my kidneys or my liver. I was also glad that I wasn't pre-diabetic.