Monday, April 16, 2018

Came back home after a long drive from Coachella. In two separate occasions people have mentioned and recommended the movie Victoria (2015), so that became Jules' and my pick for an unwinding movie night. The movie was indeed different in the way it was made, captured entirely in one take. You could sense something was unique about it, even subconsciously. And then consciously I was trying to analyze the technique used for this really great execution. The plot itself, however, was pretty mundane in hindsight, although it wasn't boring to watch. It was just very conventional and typical when you thought of European movies. It was my 9th Coachella, if I had to guess, and I have been going every year since I started. I think once you partake in a certain function for several times, then it becomes more interesting - and I like how overall the feeling of Coachella stays the same, but many aspects change - like the people you're with or some of the events you attend. I even try to go to the same Chinese restaurant, called Wangs at the Desert, every year, but this year we didn't make it. On Friday, when I arrived in Palm Springs, it seemed like I was going to be a third wheel, since the only people who were in my group were Charan and Kyla. But then last minute, my friend Sierra Plowden said she was coming with two other friends, and suddenly we turned into a pretty big group. Later on, on Saturday, a couple of other friends joined and we turned into an even bigger group. Sierra and her friends stayed till Monday and she really made things great this year - even though it was her very first Coachella. On Sunday we went to the actual Festival. I didn't have a wristband, so Charan had to walk in with Kyla and then take hers off and walk all the way back with her wristband and put it on me. The wristband barely fit through my hand, but with a little bit of squeezing, it went through. We later tried to take it off, so that Kyla could have it back, so she could go in the VIP area, but my hand was too swollen and we couldn't get it off. Sierra and her friends didn't have wristbands either, but after I left them and went in, she managed to find three people walking out and get their wristbands for $70 each. I did this before, and instructed her how to do it, but this year it seemed much tougher than usual since security was much tighter and there was not much of a gap between the parked cars in the lot and the first security checkpoint. She managed to do it anyways, and it was her first Coachella. I was really proud of her. 

Photographed: Charan Andreas, Skylar Benton, Markus Molinari, Sierra Plowden, Zane Mende, Cherish Waters, India Gants, Caroline Vreeland, Mark Houston, Johnny Houston, Kyla Burke, Johnny Valenti. 

Ty Joseph and Charan Andreas  Skylar BentonMarkus Molinari and his Monkey Sierra PlowdenZane Mende Cherish Waters India GantsBlack Wild HorseCaroline Vreeland Mark Houston 
Johnny Houston, Sierra Plowden, Charan Andreas
Kyla Burke
Johnny Valenti