Sunday, March 25, 2018

Meena came over for dinner and to sing. I ordered Chinese and the food arrived one minute before Meena had arrived. But I thought that the food was meena, so when I opened the door when the bell rang I had a smile on my face and was ready to hug the bold rusty delivery man hello. We opened a bottle of wine and Meena was ecstatic about my choice for food. After dinner Meena went upstairs to my temporary karaoke stage and sang Lady Gaga and some excerpts from musicals. She really gives me the chills every time she sings and it was just wonderful. I joined later and mediocrely sang some 2000's punk rock songs. Around 11 we left to Jazz night at Delilah's where we joined Nick Simmons at his table. He was accompanied by Cooper Hefner and some other Playboy affiliates. I, however, was sitting next to a waitress at a cafe he often writes at. She was really interested in archiving, which is the career she is pursuing - and that was really interesting for me to hear and explore. Later Johnny Houston came and a group of us ended up at the Line Hotel for some more Karaoke.

Photographed: Meena, Sofia Arevalo, Sierra Plowden, Carli Glubok, Cameron Rose, Gulliver Oldman, and Taylor Snook.

Cameron Rose Cameron Rose

Meena and Ty Joseph Meena and Ty Joseph

Meena Carli Glubok

Sofia Arevalo Sierra Plowden

Taylor Snook and Gulliver Oldman