Friday, July 7

Everybody knows that I hate going to see movies in public theaters - the main reason for this is that you cannot talk. I wouldn't go by myself to see a movie, but then going with someone doesn't make much difference because that someone would be sitting in silence throughout the movie anyways. I also never found the seats in movie theaters comfortable. At home I feel comfortable because I can put my shoe-less feet on a pillow placed on my coffee table, which makes it about the same height as the sofa. At home I can make any comments I want. I can also pause, and go back to parts I spaced out on that had seemed to be significant or interesting. No one ever asks me to go to the movies because they know I wouldn't want to go. The few times I did go end up, under some immense peer pressure, were always disappointing. But then this happened. Late at night, on our way back to the office, in a U-Haul truck that I was driving, after delivering some paintings to a house in Malibu, Autumn and I got in a conversation about dating. And since I don't really go on dates but meet people when I'm out, and since Autumn doesn't go out or drink, but does go on dates, I asked her about some previous first dates that she went on. She said she went to dinner and a movie. I immediately dismissed the idea of going to a movie of a first date - "but you can't talk, what is the point?" I said. Then Autumn said "You talk after the movie. We went to dinner and talked about the movie". I was still very dismissive of the idea at that point, but the conversation shifted pretty swiftly to how Autumn can open up without drinking and that she gets the worst hangovers. But later when I got home I was thinking about it for a bit and realized that going to the theater with someone you had just met for the first time is not such a bad idea. It consolidates all the awkward silence moments that would otherwise occur during dinner, into a 2-hour non awkward silence, so later any silences are not awkward anymore. It is almost like having sex right when you meet someone new. After that, any sexual advanced cannot be presumed as awkward. So after sitting in silence for two hours, any silences after that assume a nostalgic sentiment and not an awkward one. Then there's also the part where determines if it's the right person. I mean, if one side thinks the movie is good and the other side thinks it blows, then forget about it! But if you both like the movie then there's definitely good potential there. So I came to realize that for people who go on first dates, starting off with going to the movies is a very good idea. I rarely like any new releases so a good date for me would be one that just start with sex.