Friday, July 28, 2017

Had to get up very early to meet the people from LA WEEKLY at union station in preparation for this year's Artopia. At 8:30 we toured the very large and impressive hall to the left when you enter the station where the old original teller counter had been meticulously restored and public access is prohibited. I picked the spot where I am going to present my art and work on a painting in collaboration with the public during the event on August 26th. I always found union station very fascinating and an iconic symbol of west coast Art Deco architecture. There is something very magical when combining Art Deco and palm trees - as if palm trees held the secret of art deco design within them until it was discovered by humans. Anyways, Union Station and its surrounding El Pueblo were a reoccurring theme during my college years as part of my curriculum, so my familiarity with the aspects that make it such an incredible historic landmark keep accompany me, and now it brings me to the point where art meets with Union Station and I just find it very unique. I still haven't started to work on my piece for the show but I know if would have to do with Los Angeles and most likely more specifically with Union Station.

Ty Joseph Union Station