Friday, February 16, 2018

Had another event downtown with some of my art, opening tonight, called Chocolate and Art. I went with another K, who was standing in there for me, while I had to goto Jeff Hamilton's for the second night of his Street Art event. Tonight Cherish Waters and India Gants came by the event to see me. And later Taylor Chung, AKA DJ Wenzday, and a very talented music video director, Vicente Cordero joined us. Afterwards I went to pick up Other K from Chocolate and Art, and went to meet Cherish and Taylor for late night sushi at Sushi Enya in Little Tokyo. This place had really great atmosphere, with Chopinish music playing in the background. Afterwards Other K came over and we watched Sid and Nancy. 

Chocolate and Art

Cherish Waters and India Gants

Ty Joseph, Vicente Cordero, Cherish Waters